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Casa Gomez Chorizo used in authentic Italian recepies

About Casa Gomez

We are a husband and wife (Felix and Sheila) team making artisan chorizos, by hand, from the kitchen in our home in Eckington, Chesterfield. We are unique in this aspect.   Felix is Spanish and having grown up in a small village near Cuenca, Casa Gomez Chorizos follow a traditional family recipe passed down through the generations.

We share a love of quality, fresh natural ingredients to make fabulous foods, like our premium artisan chorizos. 

Sheila and Felix Gomez

About Our Chorizos

Although we wanted to make authentic good quality chorizos, we also wanted to support local businesses. So, all of our ingredients are local and our pork is out door reared from a local farmer. Unfortunately, the UK weather is not hot enough to produce paprika and so we source the best paprika from Spain. We use the sweet smoked paprika in our premium artisan chorizo original and the smoked spicy paprika for our spicy chorizos.

Our premium artisan chorizos do not have additives or preservatives but we do add a starter culture to cure them (think cheese or yogurt making). We do not add gluten or dairy. All the casings for our premium artisan chorizos are natural.

Our premium artisan chorizos are ready to eat and can be eaten as they are for example with bread, cheese and wine. Our customers regularly post how they have used our premium artisan chorizos in their favourite recipes, which we love to see. You can find recipes on our Face Book page and Instagram page.

Casa Gomez Chorizo
Casa Gomez Artizan Chorizo