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Mixture of 3 Casa Gomez Ltd artisan sauces

Mixture of 3 Casa Gomez Ltd artisan sauces


You will receive 3 of our sauces; including our best seller 'Brava', 'Spanish Pisto' and 'Spicy Spanish Pisto'. Our sauces have no additives or preservatives and all have an addition of fresh bay leaves from our garden. They all have a bonus of no added sugar!

Our hottest sauce; 'Brava' is the sauce for 'Patatas Bravas'. The chillie complements the roasted red peppers, garlic with tomatoes adding a sweetness.

'Spanish Pisto' sauce originates from Castilla De La Mancha, Spain.Both have a base of tomatoes, garlic, peppers and onions; bringing memories of sunny Spain! Our 'Spicy Spanish Pisto', with the addition of  chillie, adds warmth to any dish. Both 'Pisto' sauces can be used for a pasta sauce, base for soups, with meat, fish or vegetables.


Store in a cool, dark place.

Make sure the product is piping hot before eating.

Once opened; keep refigerated and use within 7 days.

Use by date shown on bottom of  jar.



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