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A little update from Chorizos Casa Gomez:

So after 18 months of making our premium artisan chorizos in our kitchen (and damaging it), we are now on the road to having a brand new unit made on our back garden.

This will be exclusively for the production of our premium artisan chorizos and enables us to expand the business (but still keeping it artisan!).

Completion is planned for early September 2021, until then chorizo production will be at a minimum but we will still have our premium artisan chorizos for sale.

We will also have our sauces for local delivery and artisan markets. You can contact us via our email address, telephone your order on 07549034563 or direct message me on face book or via instagram.

Any questions, ask away!

Thank you,

Sheila and Felix Gomez,

Chorizos Casa Gomez

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